Greetings, Guardian! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ve received many requests in the past week from CCU Alumni who would like to give either The Armed American’s Complete Guide to Effective Self-Defense or Master Handgun Accuracy as Christmas gifts, but who thought it would be prudent to get them as discounted prices. I completely agree!

The desire to give the gift of a life-long education strikes me as extremely sincere motivation… and if you’re willing to pay to put my education and training material in other people’s hands, then naturally I want to be a part of the spirit of giving!

So, here’s what I’ve worked out..

My team and I sat down and worked out the absolute best prices we could only give YOU on both of these training programs! And so when you see these discounted prices, please keep in mind these very important things:

1) Other than a couple very small and short campaigns, I’ve never discounted either of these programs. I simply can’t: My original goal was to provide this education at the most realistic cost possible while remaining sustainable as an organization, so that we could keep spearheading forward with advancing our curriculum. This has never left me much flexibility to lower prices! These discounts are only for you: please don’t share this page, or tell anyone what you found them for!

2) I can only afford to offer them to YOU for these low prices because you’ve already purchased BOTH the Complete Guide and Master Handgun Accuracy. So, without having to account for the costs of advertising, and warehousing, fulfilling, and customer support, etc etc – I’m able to push the margins down to their absolute minimum.

3) Still, in addition to the discount on both programs, I want to help you further in your own act of generosity, and give you FREE SHIPPING on these. Shipping averages out to $12.50 per program shipped, so that’s my other gift to you and your lucky giftee this Christmas 😉

4) If the person you give them to doesn’t like them, naturally my ‘100% guarantee’ applies to these as well. Just get them back to me, and I’ll refund your full purchase price. We’re friends! There’s no room for anything but complete fairness.

Okay, that’s all the gab from me. We will get these on the trucks ASAP, making sure you get them well ahead of time to wrap them. Thanks so much, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

– Patrick Kilchermann, Concealed Carry University