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Greetings, my fellow responsibly armed guardian!

I am Patrick Kilchermann, founder and president of Concealed Carry University, and here you will find some of the most exciting news that I have to share of my career to date!

You see, as of today, I’m announcing a brand-new video education and training series that I believe amounts to nothing less than a revolution in the way American guardians educate, prepare, and train themselves for effective armed self defense.

A Revolution? How so?

The experience that you will encounter within 3 SECONDS FROM NOW has never been brought to the public before.

In my opinion it constitutes the most engaging and effective way to learn and obtain:

    – Lightning fast decision making under fire.
    – Veteran-like strategic and tactical thinking in the moment.
    – Exactly what and how you should be mentally rehearsing and practicing in your surroundings and with your handgun in order to become a competent and confident gunfighter.

And the impact that this 3.5 hour totally immersive experience will have on your 3 Pillars of Effective Self-Defense (your mindset, training, and gear) I believe puts this program into the category of one of the greatest self-defense educational tools ever developed.

The Back-Story

Many incredible mentors and their work have formed and informed the trajectory of our education and training curriculum here at Concealed Carry University – some living, some dead for a thousand years. One of them was a colonel in the Air Force by the name of John Boyd.

Boyd is known in most circles as the greatest air to air fighter pilot and dogfighter to ever live. He entered the service shortly after World War II, and continued serving the country publicly and privately for the rest of his life.

His contributions to our understanding of violent interaction and the dynamic movement of force changed the way jet fighter planes were designed; changed the way wars are fought (he designed primary elements of the strategy that destroyed the Iraqi Army and confused its chain of command during the first Gulf War); and he continues to have a resounding influence on how people learn to WIN, from the clashing of gigantic corporations in the marketplace to the violent confrontation of military units to athletes on the field.

But one of the most fascinating things about John Boyd for me is the way that he trained his many thousands of students in air-to-air combat – some of whom would go on to become the most successful fighter pilots of the Vietnam war. Boyd understood that to become truly effective and competent in the air required a specific, intentional, and focused blend of both education and training.

You couldn’t just hop into the seat of a jet fighter and start practicing. You would never get good that way, and Boyd knew it! Boyd completely rejected the idea that “you’ve either got it, or you don’t”, and that becoming a good fighter pilot was something that only those who survived the odds to become aces could ever aspire to.

Boyd knew that he could teach anyone to become highly effective in a fighter plane long before subjecting them to live, deadly combat. In fact,, Boyd knew that learning to become effective first was essential, if he hoped for the majority of his students to survive against an armed and motivated adversary.

And so, Boyd came up with a blisteringly effective instructional program. And the results of his methods speak for themselves (the man is a legend).

Combat Survival Mastery: How does this effect you?

My mission with Concealed Carry University has always been to bring Boyd’s methods into the realm of concealed carry: to translate my unconscious, intuitive understanding of violence and force and gunfighting into educational media that can be picked up, digested, and understood by anybody who seeks to become more affectively armed.

My goals are to help YOU become a master at:

    #1: Avoiding potentially violent situations
    #2: Escaping from violence situations if avoidance fails
    #3: Deescalating violence situations if escape fails;
    #4: And fighting and surviving and WINNING with their handguns if they have no other choice.

That is the goal at the heart of the at-home DVD based curriculum that I am developing here through Concealed Carry University.

The Big Problem – aka – Why So Many Fail.

Most people don’t realize how fast and with how little warning a situation can turn violent and deadly. Often times, you’ll observe that those who succeed and survive are required to go from a peaceful state of obliviousness to firing their first shots at a blitzing adversary in 3 seconds or less.

And the real problem is that for most people who are ever involved in a self-defense situation, that is the first experience they ever have with what a gunfight looks and feels like.

This is unacceptable, BECAUSE:

If we don’t know what to expect, then there is no way to adequately train and prepare our minds or bodies. There’s no way we can be ready, and we’re really just banking on luck to carry us through. This often works out very poorly for the well-intentioned privately armed citizen, in several ways:

    They make terrible decisions, entering engagements that they should never have been involved in.
    They commit tactical blunder after blunder, often sustaining terrible injuries or death in the process.
    They make mistakes that are by no means legally justifiable, endangering or even injuring the innocent people they were trying to protect.
    And often, they stand a good chance of being shocked in the moment when the reality of violence is so different from what we’ve always expected that they hesitate or even freeze for several critical seconds, thus defeating the entire purpose for them even carrying handguns concealed.

Until now, obtaining this expectation for what a violent encounter looks like and feels like has been limited to those individuals fortunate enough to obtain real, force-on-force gunfighting training. My team and I, as one of the few private owners of a system like this, are some of these fortunate people. However, the $10,000 price tag for the weapon conversion kits, the less lethal ammunition and all of the protective gear (not to mention the physical training arena and the need for motivated and dedicated training partners) make force-on-force a highly unrealistic fantasy for most privately armed Americans.

And as somebody who has spent many hours running force-on-force scenarios, I know that there is yet another gigantic drawback even to this fantastic form of training: it is simply too fast-paced to be able to LEARN how to fight with your handgun. It just doesn’t work for that. We’ve concluded that force-on-force training is a fantastic way to CONFIRM the skill – but that your survival and decision-making skills must be developed through other means.

The reality of the limitations of even force-on-force training illuminated for me the need for an education tool that could immerse the student in a gunfight WHILE still being able to slow things down enough and keep the brain open enough for that comprehensive education to take place.

THAT is key. THAT is the challenge we face.

Enter 3 SECONDS FROM NOW: Decisions Under Fire

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is our finely engineered and tuned real solution to this problem at hand.

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is the first volume of my brand-new series is a 3 1/2 hour education where I take you on a journey into the middle of 7 defensive use-of-force gunfights – 7 deadly force situations – and guide you through extracting the maximum tactical wisdom, actionable practice drills, and mental rehearsal strategies to impart onto you, as much as is possible, the vicarious veterancy that comes with experiencing and surviving a gun fight first hand.

Simply by watching this program and by integrating the many lessons you will learn into your thoughts and practice using the methods we demonstrate for you on camera, you will educate your expectations and senses for what you may encounter some day.

The seven gun fight incidence caught on tape here in this first volume have all been hand-picked to help teach you One of the first and most important things that we armed Americans must learn: how to make excellent decisions under fire.

And after you watch it, I can almost guarantee that you will come away believing that this program should be a requisite for everybody who carries concealed.


This first volume of my brand-new DVD series stands firmly on top of the education-foundation delivered by my “Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense”. You can think of the Complete Guide as the classroom education that one needs in order to understand what’s going to happen when you ‘sit down in the pilot’s seat and enter your first dog fight’.

My intent was never to leave you there, with only this foundational education. And that’s why I’ve developed 3 SECONDS FROM NOW. Because once you have the understanding delivered through the Complete Guide, 3 SECONDS FROM NOW will exponentially accelerate your readiness and effectiveness level.

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is where it gets real. This is “applied self-defense”, full force. Raw. Unvarnished, and uncensored.


For each of the seven gun fights that we will be exploring and dissecting, I follow a very specific and strategic educational flow, designed to help – in time – to pull you up to my level (or to confirm that you’re already there):

First, I let you watch the incident fully, without editing and without commentary. Here, I challenge you to study the incident as it happens in real time, putting yourself in the shoes of the victim, paying attention to as many details as you can, and forming your own set of critiques and praise for the players in each scenario.

Next, we will run the scenario again, but this time I will be pausing and highlighting certain aspects of the incident as I deliver vocal commentary through the incident as we watch it unfold together, in order to help you better understand exactly what is happening on camera.

And then, we really dive in.

Working through each point of the incident, gun fight, and aftermath, I go down a list and explain everything that the victim did correctly and incorrectly.

When the individual performed correctly, I’ll explain in detail WHY their action was correct and justifiable, and give you direction on how you can work to replicate their success:

    How you need to think.
    What you need to be able to do.
    And what sort of gun and gear you would have needed to have on you to survive that situation.

And for the many mistakes and incorrect (and life-threatening and legally disastrous) actions that you will witness, I explain alongside you:

    Why they were detrimental mistakes.
    What the individual should have done instead.
    How you can practice and prepare to avoid those mistakes.
    And when possible, I will take you into the force-on-force arena where we use perimeter cameras (and even cameras attached to our bodies!) to re-create the gunfight and show you exactly how this situation could have played out successfully if the unfortunate victim would only have learned what you will learn through this program.

And after we dissect each gunfight, we jump back into Concealed Carry University studio for a full debriefing, listing and summarizing in full detail:

****EXPAND ON*****

    All of the takeaways from each incident as they relate to your three pillars of affective self-defense: your mindset, your training and abilities, and your gear selection.

****EXPAND ON*****

Survival and Defensive Combat Mastery: In your hand; In your head.

As we steadily move through the 7 deadly-force-incidents here in Volume 1 (and the dozens and dozens of others that we will experience together as I continue this series) you will eventually find that your ability to examine and critique these incidents in real time accelerates to the point of being on par with mine. And that is exactly where I want you – that is my goal for you.

You WILL get there! This series will get you there. In this series:

    You will develop more affective instinctual and instantaneous reactions to sudden violence.
    You will come to make for better decisions FASTER in a real, life-threatening situation then you would have otherwise.
    You will hesitate far less, instead jumping into the appropriate action.
    Your actions will be more prudent, more justifiable, and more decisive and effective.
    And you will learn the easy way what sort of gun in gear you need to be carrying – or should not be carrying – before ever been involved in a gunfight where these lessons can cost us our lives.

This series is so effective because it provides the necessary CONTEXT for us to learn these important lessons about survival and success in a deadly force environment.

To kick start the revolution: an exciting bonus.

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To fuel the revolution: a Price that reflects the urgency of this education.