3 SECONDS FROM NOW is a brand-new offering from Concealed Carry University. This is a SERIES which I will be building and releasing new volumes to every 6 months for as long as the Concealed Carry University and its message survive and thrive.Putting this program in your hands and its lessons in your head is now my primary mission and focus for you.

3 SECONDS FROM NOW: Decisions Under Fire is the first volume in this brand-new series. It’s a 3 1/2 hour ultra-fast paced and concise education where I take you on a journey into the middle of 7 gunfights… 7 defensive use-of-force situations…

…Where together we watch each entire scenario playing out in real time, and then work together to analyze, understand, critique, re-create, and reenact them for the purpose of extracting the maximum tactical wisdom, actionable practice drills, and mental rehearsal strategies to impart onto you, as much as is possible, the vicarious veterancy that comes with experiencing and surviving a gun fight first hand.

Think of this new series as a mix between a phenomenally educational and non-sensational version of that old show, World’s Wildest Police Videos®, and a darkened projector room in which veteran pilots gather to watch ‘gun camera’ clips from dogfights and demonstrate with hand-held models how to become better dog-fighters.


“Some lessons never really sink in… until you see those mistakes play out disastrously in real-life situations.”

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is where CCU’s Mission and Education get real. This is “applied self-defense”. This is your ‘continued education’ to help you become even sharper and stay that sharp for your entire career as a responsibly armed Guardian.

Every installment of this new series is going to bring to you a collection of incidents that present a ‘big idea’ that will serve as our primary take-away, in addition to the massive amount of strategic and tactical experience that you’ll pick up. The ‘big idea’ here in Volume 1 is: Decisions Under Fire.

We will focus on how to make excellent SNAP decisions in the face of an imminent or active attack, including:

  • Should I engage????
  • Would engaging be ethically and legally justifiable??
  • Where is the best place to engage from???
  • How should I draw my pistol?
  • How should I position by body to set up for a successful presentation?
  • Where do I shoot this guy?
  • How many shots do I fire?
  • When do I stop shooting?
  • Who is around me, and how will they react once I begin shooting?
  • How will this creep react once I begin drawing my gun?

At first, these situations will play out faster than you can comprehend. But the more you are exposed to, and the more your strategic and tactical ‘muscles’ develop, you’ll begin to develop the ability to comprehend and think and decide in real time – eventually, faster than the criminal involved. That’s the whole point. THAT’S COMBAT WISDOM.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS IS NOT AN OVERLY-VIOLENT PRODUCTION. While it does show REAL violence, we have done what we can to keep it tasteful and respectful for the participants and victims in these scenarios. And while I wouldn’t watch it with children around, I can guarantee that what you’ll see on this program is FAR less gruesome than any given action show played during prime-time (or especially when compared to a Hollywood movie).

The bottom line is, we as armed Guardians NEED this education, and by choosing to go armed, we’re already acknowledging that we may not only see real violence some day, but we may cause it. Therefore: the only responsible thing to do is to be ready.


When you pop in this DVD, I’ll briefly explain the structure and flow of how this education will be presented to you, but then we jump right in for some heart-pounding action.

First, I let you watch the incident fully, without editing and without commentary. Here, I challenge you to study the incident as it happens in real time, putting yourself in the shoes of the victim, paying attention to as many details as you can, and forming your own set of critiques and praise for the players in each scenario.

Second, we will run the scenario again, but this time I will be pausing and highlighting certain aspects of the incident as I deliver vocal commentary through the incident as we watch it unfold together, in order to help you better understand exactly what is happening on camera.

And Third, we dive in for a full critique…

Working through each point of the incident, gun fight, and aftermath, I go down a list and explain everything that the victim did correctly and incorrectly.

When the individual performed correctly, I’ll explain in detail WHY their action was correct and justifiable, and give you direction on how you can work to replicate their success:

  • How you need to think (practical instruction for how to bring your mindset up to speed).
  • What you need to be able to do (I’ll walk you through in-home or in-range practice drills that would allow you to succeed in each of these situations).
  • And what sort of gun and gear you would have needed to have on you to survive that situation.

And for the many bad choices and incorrect [life-threatening / legally disastrous] actions that you will witness, I explain alongside you:

  • Why they were detrimental mistakes.
  • What the individual should have done instead.
  • How you can practice and prepare to avoid those mistakes.
  • And when beneficial, I will take you into the force-on-force arena where we use perimeter cameras (and even cameras attached to our bodies!) to re-create the gunfight and show you exactly how this situation could have played out successfully if the unfortunate victim would only have learned what you will learn through this program.

By joining me in this 3 SECONDS FROM NOW movement,

  • You will develop more effective instinctual and instantaneous reactions to sudden violence.
  • You will come to make for better decisions FASTER in a real, life-threatening situation then you would have otherwise.
  • You will hesitate far less, instead jumping into the appropriate action.
  • Your actions will be more prudent, more justifiable, and more decisive and effective.
  • And you will learn the easy way what sort of gun and gear you need to be carrying – or should not be carrying – before ever being involved in a gunfight where these lessons can cost us our lives.


More than ever before, I want to incentivize and energize every single CCU Alumni to pick up this program, which I’m convinced will be one of the most satisfying ‘concealed carry related’ purchases and investments you’ll ever make. So, not only do I want to go over the top to make this an extraordinary value, but I want to make it FUN!

And so, I’ve built and am including a second DVD for free with every order, and for the very first time, I’m releasing some ultra-high quality Concealed Carry University car decals, T-Shirts, and Hats!

YOU are my friend, ally, and fellow traveler on this path toward fulfilling our roles as effective Guardians more effectively and proudly than ever. For that, I’m grateful.

Please: let me explain these wonderful additions for you to consider as you make the investment in this program, 3 SECONDS FROM NOW.

#1 – BONUS PROGRAM: 14 Laws of Self-Defense.


As a prelude to the powerful 3 SECONDS series, I wanted to build a high-energy, razor-concise collection of 14 of the most important self-defense lessons to come out of all CCU work so far. Thus was born this 1 hour and 10 minute prelude, 14 Laws of Self-Defense.

Using the real context of violence, we use over 21 deadly-force incidents to illustrate these 14 critical points. This is a primer… a powerful reminder of some life-saving concepts and lessons, made real and locked into your memory by seeing them play out in real life. And these are all points that will prime you and your mind perfectly for both entering the 3 SECONDS program, and for your role as a defensive Guardian in general.


These 14 Laws range from large-picture Strategic considerations, down to fine-point Tactics that people often mess up, such as “The Importance of targeting the will and the body of your attacker”, to “The importance of gaining distance within a gunfight”, to “Understanding what a blitz attack looks like”, to “Why we should never block our attacker’s escape route”, to simple considerations, such as “What can happen if you’re not carrying with a round chambered” and “the danger of letting your situational awareness of what’s behind you lapse during a gunfight.”

The 14 Laws of Self-Defense is only an hour long, and it’s probably something you’ll watch a dozen times. It’s a perfect companion to 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, and you’ll get it for free when you order during this introductory special.

#2 – CCU CAR (or range, or shop door) DECALS

Every single introductory order of 3 SECONDS FROM NOW is also going to receive with it FIVE (5) of the highest-quality American (Kentucky) made decals I could come up with.

You’ll get what I’m calling “the big 3”:

#1 – The first is a standard issue CCU logo.

#2 – The second is a “Covert” CCU Logo window decal featuring our ‘defensive lion’.

#3 – The third is a CCU Alumni window decal.

ALL stickers are UV Protection coated and should last 4+ years on your vehicle, regardless of climate. Each decal also features the Latin phrase and CCU Motto, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.”


To me, this lion graphic represents so much. It is a classic image, which calls forward the importance in our lives of TRADITION and RESPECT for Natural Law and the sum of all human productivity. It speaks to me of Family and Western Culture, Christianity, Justice, and Fair, Free Economics.

It’s head is turned away from its target, which says to me: “I refuse to let the existence of evil dictate my life, or even my thoughts.”

Two of its legs are on the ground: a firm, loaded fighting stance; impossible to topple.

Its fighting claws are facing forward, digging in, slicing at the enemy, warning it not to come nearer.


This phrase was coined by a Christian military strategy genius of 4th century Rome, and it means literally: If you seek peace; prepare for war. No phrase could better describe the peace-loving, productive citizens who gravitate toward concealed carry: we love life, and we love peace, and we plan to keep it that way. We love human life; and we love it so much that we’re willing to kill if necessary in order to preserve it. We love innocence… we treasure innocence. So much, that we’re willing to bear the discomfort of carrying a loaded concealed handgun in order to give Innocent Human Life the safe-haven in which to exist and flourish.

WE are defensive lions. WE seek peace. WE are prepared to react against anyone who tries to shatter our lives and those we hold dear.

Beyond these ‘Big 3’, you’ll also be able to choose two more stickers, customized to YOUR Guardian outfit and lifestyle:


Borrowing from the ‘International Oval’ decal fad, I wanted to create a secret handshake that only our fellow sheepdogs would understand on the road. I’ve never been a big fan of advertising the fact that I carry concealed, but I DO appreciate seeing people who I believe are fellow Guardians.

My solution to this problem was exactly what you see here, and when you make your order for 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, you’ll be able to choose which of these stickers you want to receive. (If you carry a caliber outside of these, I apologize for not stocking them as of yet. To order tens of thousands of stickers costs a lot of money, and so I am limiting selection to the most common Combat Calibers for now).


Similar to the Caliber decals above, but this one is FAR more edgy. In expert pistol parlance, saying “15+1” implies that the pistol’s magazine holds 15 rounds, plus the round that is already locked into the chamber, ready for action in the notice of a split-second. 450ft-lbs of force available at the pressure of a 4lb trigger. To fellow sheepdogs and police officers alike, this decal suggests a competency of both physical gun handling and an intellect that commands respect.


In true Pat Kilchermann fashion, I was not satisfied with the absolute garbage T-Shirt blanks available across the wide slough of trade magazines and bulk wholesale outlets. I cannot stand poorly fitted T-Shirts almost as much as I can’t stand shirts that are destroyed and deformed after a few cycles in the washing machine. I would rather offer NO shirts than crappy shirts!Therefore, I am using what coincidentally ended up being the most expensive T-Shirt I could print on, which is an American made blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. I’ve owned three of these t-shirts since 2012, and they’ve long-since become my favorite casual shirts (one of them, a brown one, was what I wore during Part 2 of the Complete Concealed Carry Guide DVD set!). They’ve lasted for probably 100 washes or more, and the designs printed on them have only aged them better and better.

Sure, you can buy T-Shirts in bulk and print on them literally for 1/8th the wholesale cost of one of these bad boys, but… why? The CCU tradition is ‘death before dishonor’, and these shirts represent that as well as any shirt can. If you purchase the T-Shirt package, you’ll get 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, and 14 Laws of Self-Defense, and the Decals, and a T-Shirt.

On the front is our CCU Covert logo. On the rear is the mathematical formula for VICTORY in life and in combat: Initiative + Momentum = RESULTS.

I’m not exaggerating that these will probably become your favorite T-Shirts. They are LONGER than the average T-Shirt to aid with concealment, and they are very soft, comfortable shirts.

You choose from either Light-Dark Gray blend, or a Brown-Tan-Gray blend. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Available in all sizes, which you’ll choose at checkout.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are “fashion” t-shirts, and so they run a bit small. I would suggest ordering ONE SIZE LARGER than you usually wear, and I also have to add: right now we’re unable to accept returns or exchanges. We will eventually, but we just have zero infrastructure for checking and re-packaging and re-stocking shirts at our Florida warehouse. I hope you understand!


What you see here is a nearly exact duplicate of my beloved Black Sheep hat, except in a more versatile color combination. Never mind that it happened to be the most expensive ‘hat blank’ out of all the hats I tried; for myself and for CCU Alumni, only the best is good enough.

(To give you an idea of how much these things cost wholesale, even when order thousands at a time, I could have used the hat blanks sold by a certain national firearms organization for less than $2 apiece — a tiny fraction of the cost of these things! But if you’re anything like me, these crumpled up hats usually go straight into the garbage. Well, I can promise that this one won’t!)

I have been wearing the sample I received in December every day since, and it’s proven itself to be at least as well made as the Black Sheep hat that I welded onto my balding head half a decade ago. That’s why I’m officially retiring my beloved Black Sheep hat. This is my new daily-wear hat!

Professionally fitted with the Covert CCU Logo, it is my hope that this hat will serve you well for years to come. If you purchase the “Hat Package” below, you’ll receive one of these hats with your purchase of 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, along with your bonus DVD 14 Laws of Self-Defense, the Decals, AND a T-Shirt.


This will be lots of fun. For every 2,000 copies of 3 SECONDS FROM NOW that we sell, I’m going to do a random drawing among those who purchased. The winner will receive a handgun that I am going to build for them.

This handgun will be either a sub-compact Gen 4 GLOCK 26/27 (9mm or .40S&W) with +2 magazine extentions, a compact Gen 4 GLOCK 19/23, or a full-size Gen 4 GLOCK 17/22, customized and professionally tuned into the exact configuration of my own “$1,300 GLOCK 17”.

I’ll be arranging a phone call with the winners, and after chatting for a bit, I’ll find out which size of handgun you prefer, and in which caliber. Then, I’ll get to work ordering the parts. I’ve worked on a great number of GLOCKs, and I will personally be building your pistol in my work shop. Then, however, I’ll take it to my trusted professional gunsmith in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a tune and polish. I’ll test fire it, and then I’ll ship it to an FFL of your choice, at which time you’ll register it and put it in your name, following all local laws and statutes.

The only cost to you will be the transfer fee that your FFL/Gun Store charges.


Simply choose which “3 SECONDS FROM NOW: DECISIONS UNDER FIRE” package you’d like below, and click on the corresponding blue button in order to be taken to the screen where you’ll be able to select which CALIBER and CAPACITY sticker you’d like (and your shirt size and color, if you choose to add a shirt!).