Coming Soon: The Armed Self-Defense Education of a Lifetime

During 2013, we created The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense. We (humbly, of course) believe it’s the single best (most efficient and effective) education tool available for those with no familiarity to moderate familiarity, in terms of bringing them to an advanced level of confidence and competence with their handguns. The Complete Concealed Carry Guide was launched to availability on May 1st, 2014 – and we are certain it will take our country by storm.

Our plan is to use this ground-breaking and revolutionary training system as our means of building the foundations of a relationship (trust, respect, and value) with as many Armed Americans as possible during the summer of 2014, and, in the fall of 2014 using the capital raised by selling the Complete Concealed Carry Guide, begin working to create educational “installments” that will further educated, assist, and train those who have already gone through the Complete Concealed Carry Guide.

Future planned installments include:

> Handgun Handling 101: From “Never Touched a Gun” to Confidence and Proficiency in 90 minutes

> 2 Hours With a World-Class American Self-Defense Attorney: What Everyone Who Carries a Gun Must Know About the Legal System

> Fighting From Within Vehicles: How Guns, Bullets, and Bodies Interact During Exterior-to-Interior and Interior-to-Exterior Vehicular Combat

> The Portrait of a Killer: 90 Uncomfortable (but Infinitely Valuable and Important) Minutes Inside the Mind of a Convicted Killer

> Fighting with Family Present: How Being With Family When Attacked Must Change Your Fighting Dynamics

> Advanced Handgun Combat Accessories: How Destructive Are The Gimmicks, and How Useful Are The Innovations?

This is only the beginning.

We’re completely committed to you: the Armed American.

– Patrick Kilchermann
Founder, Concealed Carry University