Concealed Carry University Presents:
The 163 Handgun Comparison Chart

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Below is the link to view and download The 163 Handgun Comparison Chart. Note that we periodically will update and release new versions of this chart.

Instructions for making sense of the massive amount of data within this chart are included in the chart itself. I would just like to offer you one note for now: fields highlighted with orange or deep red colors represent factors that make that gun either difficult to carry comfortably or concealed, OR factors which make that gun ineffective or less effective in a self-defense situation.

THEREFORE: your goal is to choose a handgun which has no deep red, deep orange, or pink fields. Ideally, the gun you choose wouldn’t even have any orange fields. White fields indicate excellent factors that do not take away from that handgun’s concealability, comfort, or effectiveness. Light yellow or yellow fields indicate factors that – while not perfect – generally represent acceptable compromises in those areas.

The chart is ordered from “most comfortable to carry concealed” to “least comfortable to carry concealed”. It should come as no surprise then, that you have to move through the chart for a while until you find a gun that has no deep red or pink fields. That is because, obviously, the guns that are easiest to carry typically are inadequate in terms of ammunition capacity and power.


Concealed Carry University Presents:
The Training Checklist

Below is the link to view and download The Training Checklist discussed during Part 2 of the program. NOTE: As of June 17th 2014, this is an updated copy but is in ROUGH DRAFT state.

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There may be typos! However, it’s much more organized than the previous checklist, so we are uploading it until later in the week, when a corrected copy will be uploaded over-top of this one.


Concealed Carry University Presents:

6 Tips to Immediately Boost Your Handgun Accuracy

Concealed Carry University Presents:

The Critical Rules of Gun Safety


Concealed Carry University Presents:

Handgun Accuracy Diagnostic Chart

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