Father’s Day Special – 2017

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reality-based personal defense philosophy.

  • The Essential Guide for Handgun Owners – Father’s Day 2017

    • Learn everything you need to know about the terminology, description, function, and operation of handguns.
    • Learn how to quickly and accurately evaluate any handgun based on its reliability, durability, accuracy, defensive capabilities, its concealability, and how comfortable it will be to shoot – all without even having to pick that weapon up.
    • Master the three “real world rules” of gun safety, and get to the point where you can virtually guarantee that you’ll be the safest and most in control gun handler in any group that you’re in.
    • Through a completely revolutionary follow-along, graduated system for mastering the hands-on handling of your handgun, you will obtain a sense of control over and confidence in your handling abilities that even many seasoned professionals and police officers sadly never achieve.

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    $177.00 $137.00

  • 3 SECONDS FROM NOW and 14 LAWS OF SELF-DEFENSE – Father’s Day 2017

    • The industry's first ever study in applied and re-created self-defense.
    • Learn gunfighting mindset, strategies, and tactics while absorbing real combat wisdom derived from our review and analysis of real armed defense incidents.
    • Enter the force-on-force area in the first person as we re-create each of these gunfights, to show you what was done correctly, what was done incorrectly, and how the victims in each scenario could have saved their lives.
    • Develop the ability to think critically under stress and make prudent, justifiable decisions within your own threatening situation, by gaining an intuitive understanding of the dynamics within a real deadly-force situation. You'll learn when to tactically comply, when to run, and when to fight.

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  • Master Handgun Accuracy 3 Disc DVD Training Program – Father’s Day 2017

    • Develop incredible combat and target marksmanship abilities with your personal defensive handgun and obtain a whole new level of trust and confidence in yourself and your weapon.
    • Disc 1: Master the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy to make Excellent Accuracy a natural consequence of every trigger pull.
    • Disc 2: Following our specific 6-step in-home training regimen, in 30 – 90 days you'll have ingrained all 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy into your muscle memory.
    • Disc 3: Obtain a “masters level education” on what makes a handgun accurate or not, what makes our bodies best-suited for accuracy, and how to 'upgrade' both for increased shooting accuracy and control.

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    $127.00 $77.00

  • The Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense 7-disc DVD Program – Father’s Day 2017

    The Armed American's Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense
    • Dramatically Boost Your Education from “Bare-Minimum” or “Average” to “Top 1% of responsibly armed citizens” through this 20 hour, 7-disc DVD program: the country's most thorough and highest-rated preparation CPL course.
    • Become an efficient and effective defensive handgun combatant in Mind, Body, and Arsenal using our 3 Pillar Approach to Effective Self-Defense, where you learn to avoid 98% of all violence and win 95% of the fights you can't avoid.
    • Complete legal crash course, from before starting to carry, to Shots Fired, and through the legal system.
    • A refreshingly friendly, balanced approach to Self-Defense that will never let you forget the reason you're carrying, and help you avoid “concealed carry burn-out”. There's no ego or jargon here! All students welcomed.

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    $297.00 $147.00