The Winter 2015 Handgun Accuracy Clinic
and Amazon Review Request

From Pat, written at 3:12pm EST on Friday, Feb 20th.

To my most loyal CCU Alumni:

If you’re reading this, it’s because you own BOTH of my current training programs: The Complete Guide and Master Handgun Accuracy. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve you. Every day is a gift that I can commit my time to helping you in your journey as a Sheepdog. I know that my programs are not short, and that they consume time out of your life that you’ll never get back. I respect your time, and I believe I’ll eventually be held accountable for your valuable time that I take up. Therefore, you have my word that I’ll always strive to repay the trust and loyalty that you’ve already given me with unsurpassed quality and education.

Reason for emailing you #1: 3 Free Online Training Videos

BELOW are three videos that I’m in the process of sending to those who have not purchased Master Handgun Accuracy. While these videos do end with a gentle urging for these folks to give the new program a try, you might find that they compliment the instruction you’re receiving in Master Handgun Accuracy very well. No new topics are uncovered, but perhaps the way they’re explained might help you as you proceed with your dry-fire regimens.

In case they help, all three videos are included below! YOUR support made these videos possible – Thank you so much for that.

Reason for emailing you #2: Request for your Review

I’m really hoping to accumulate as many high quality Amazon Reviews for Master Handgun Accuracy as I have for the Complete Concealed Carry Guide. If you would consider leaving a review for either or both of these programs (but especially Master Handgun Accuracy) once you’ve gone through them, you’d help me out tremendously.

Even though after 290 reviews for the Complete Guide many of them seem redundant, you’d be surprised to learn how much more likely someone is to trust and try our information once it has 290 reviews versus when it had 190. And if each program had 500+ reviews… well, I’m sure we’d spread our message that much faster.

To leave a review, you need only an Amazon.com account. You don’t need to have purchased the program from Amazon. If I’ve earned a 5 star review in your eyes, that would be a gigantic boost to our credibility. But that said, even if you weren’t satisfied with these programs, Justice and Fairness dictate that you rate and review them fairly.

The review doesn’t have to be long! Just a few sentences are enough (though the longer a review is, the more helpful is usually is to others).

Making a review worth your while.

In the near future, I’ll be holding a random drawing where two lucky people win cash “scholarships” from Concealed Carry University to spend on a new gun or ammo. More details will follow before I actually do a drawing, giving you plenty of time to get your review up, but I’ll be choosing one review at random from each product to be the lucky winners.

I did this once before last August, and two lucky individuals won and claimed a total of $1,500 in CCU scholarships. One bought a new pistol, and the other other bought himself a new computer (hey, it’s your winnings after all!).

(And if you’ve already left a review, you’re already done! Your existing review will of course be included in the random drawing, and I can use your amazon name combined with our customer database to find you.)

This drawing will take place in March, but again, I’ll be sending you more information on that when the time comes. And either way: THIS group, those who have purchased BOTH of my programs, will have a special scholarship opportunity that the others will not have.

Amazon listing for the 7 Disc Complete Guide program: http://www.amazon.com/Americans-Complete-Concealed-Effective-Self-Defense/dp/B00MEUZIJC/

Amazon listing for the 3 disc Master Handgun Accuracy program: http://www.amazon.com/Concealed-Carry-University-Handgun-Accuracy/dp/B00SX73LIK/


Video #1: The Top 3 Handgun Training Mistakes
that Get People Killed.

Video #2: The 4 Most Common Handgun Shooting Errors.

Video #3: The 5 Myths of Handgun Competency and Proficiency.