Borrowing from the ‘International Oval’ decal fad, I wanted to create a secret handshake that only our fellow sheepdogs would understand on the road. I’ve never been a big fan of advertising the fact that I carry concealed, but I DO appreciate seeing people who I believe are fellow Guardians.

My solution to this problem was exactly what you see here, and when you make your order for 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, you’ll be able to choose which of these stickers you want to receive. (If you carry a caliber outside of these, I apologize for not stocking them as of yet. To order tens of thousands of stickers costs a lot of money, and so I am limiting selection to the most common Combat Calibers for now).


Similar to the Caliber decals above, but this one is FAR more edgy. In expert pistol parlance, saying “15+1” implies that the pistol’s magazine holds 15 rounds, plus the round that is already locked into the chamber, ready for action in the notice of a split-second. 450ft-lbs of force available at the pressure of a 4lb trigger. To fellow sheepdogs and police officers alike, this decal suggests a competency of both physical gun handling and an intellect that commands respect.