I still need your help!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in providing feedback on this potentially massive project, I would be extremely grateful. I need your help, now, as much as I did when I first asked if you’d do me the favor of attending this webinar!

Fortunately: I recorded the whole thing!

This project is FOR you… and it’s useless if people don’t want it. That said, it would also require a significant investment – and so we need as critical feedback as possible. If you feel like weighing in, here’s how: Below, you will find two things. The 1-hr and 15-minute presentation outlining this potential project, and below that, an “exit survey”.

Simply watch the presentation… and then fill out the exit survey. This survey will help us get a quick ‘gut check’, but then, I’d like to schedule a couple Q&A sessions that would accommodate a few different schedules. I’ll be happy to answer more questions and hear more ideas at that time!

Again… THANK YOU for your help.


Once this begins playing, you can hover over the video and click the “full screen” button in the bottom, right corner to make everything easy to see and read.

SURVEY: Your Reaction to this Presentation…

Please use this URL to fill out the shortexit-survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GTVVBKH

Thank you very much for your time and feedback.