Thank you.

Hello team,

Thank you for ‘raising your hand’ to consider being part of the confidential focus group I will be holding LIVE on Saturday evening (Jan 30th), at 6:00pm EST (5:00pm central, 4:00pm MNT 3:00pm pacific).

All you have to do now, is watch your email. Tomorrow, Friday at 2pm EST, I’ll be sending you another email that will contain your link to join the conference call. (I’ll be re-sending this on Saturday, a couple hours before the conference “webinar”.

You’ll need:

> Your honest opinion.
> Your computer.

OPTIONAL: A phone.

The audio will play through your computer speakers (or headphones), but if that’s not an option, you’ll want to call in and listen through your phone.

Things to keep in mind.

1) CONFIDENTIAL: I am counting on you giving me your word to keep this quiet. It’s not the ‘secret of the century’, but we’re BIG proponents of ‘Operational Security’ and “doing rather than saying”.

2) If you can’t make it, no sweat. I’m “overbooking” beyond the capabilities of the webinar software, because there are always last-minute things that come up. That said, it’s possible that some people will not be able to join if we get full, so I would try to get there at least 5 or 10 minutes early. This will also help you do some emergency diagnostics, trying to get your audio / video situation figured out. Modern computers make this WAY easier than it was 4 or 5 years ago – but still. Things happen (I did more than a few of these when I was with the USCCA!).

3) I’m going to lock the conference 5 minutes after we get started. It wouldn’t make sense to join after missing the first few minutes, so if you’re late, you won’t be able to join. Again, no problem if you can’t make it! Though, I hope you can.


– A select few CCU alumni (a few hundred).
– Myself – I’ll be the host as I walk you through what we’re planning on building.
– CCU Director of Operations, Caleb Skaggs. He’s a mirror image of me; a man who I respect immensely. He’s going to be shoulder to shoulder with me as I talk, fielding questions that you can type into a chat window either publicly or privately to Caleb as we go along.

Okay: Thanks!

I’m looking forward to this. I’ll talk to you on Saturday!

– Pat