March 12th – April 2nd, 2016


Win one of FOUR $500 scholarships of cold, hard cash
that you can put toward anything you choose. I suggest:

                                                – A brand new Tier 1 Combat Caliber Handgun
                                                – A top-tier live-fire training course.
                                                – 2,000 rounds of FMJ practice ammunition
                                                – A pair of Airsoft Training Replicas for you and a partner
                                                – Or put it toward shoring up your home defense, disaster preparedness, or anything else.

HOW IT WORKS: How your HONEST, un-biased Review will automatically enter you into this opportunity to receive one of four $500 scholarships.

I need your help. You see, the Concealed Carry University exists only with your support. Building credibility in this industry is extremely difficult, but as you know: trust is everything.

Every day, some of our fellow armed citizens are faced with a very difficult decision: should I trust the Concealed Carry University? Should I trust Pat Kilchermann? Is The Complete Guide or Master Handgun Accuracy worth a shot?


If you have gone through our training material, either the 7 disc Complete Concealed Carry Guide or the 3 disc Master Handgun Accuracy, I need your help – I need your review and feedback on these programs.

Would you recommend them to your fellow armed citizens? Would you feel safer being around someone who carries concealed if they HAVE gone through our training programs – or would you feel LESS safe? Do you feel MORE prepared for a self-defense incident, or less prepared? These are the primary questions here.

Leave a Review and Become Eligible for a Scholarship

Now, if I posted reviews here on, few people would trust them. “He’s just writing these himself”, they might think. BUT – there’s one place where faking reviews is impossible, and having positive feedback and reviews here helps build trust and credibility enormously.

That place is

Anyone who has purchased either of my programs is eligible to leave a review on – even if you bought the training program directly from me, and have never even seen our listings on Amazon. Occasionally Amazon will contest a review that comes from a writer who didn’t buy through Amazon, but I’m able to dig up my customer record and say, “See? This customer purchased my training program on this date.”.

The only thing you need is an active account. If you don’t have an active Amazon account, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take part in the scholarship opportunity.

How to Leave a Review:

But if you do have an account, leaving a review is very simple.

STEP 1: Just make sure you’re logged into Amazon.

STEP 2: Go to the program listing for which you’d like to leave a review.

LINK: 7 Disc Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense.

LINK: 3 Disc Master Handgun Accuracy.

STEP 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the gray button that says “Write a Review”.

You’ll be asked to give it a rating out of 5 stars (5 stars being the best of course), and to provide a written review of the course.


Guidelines for your Review

– PLEASE Trust me that I am NOT trying to “purchase” or “bribe” for reviews. Two of the Four scholarships will be awarded to the most well-written reviews, but the other Two of the Four will be awarded randomly.

– Positive Reviews will absolutely NOT boost your chances of being awarded a scholarship. I welcome ALL feedback, even if you didn’t enjoy the program completely.

– That said, it is the positive reviews that will help Concealed Carry University the most… so if you feel I’ve earned a 5 star review, you’ll have my infinite gratitude.


Two scholarships will be awarded to those who review each product. Two will be awarded the the reviews that I feel are the most helpful and well written for someone about to make a training investment, while the other two will be chosen completely at random.

Therefore, if you review ONE of the products, you’ll be eligible to win TWO of the scholarships. But if you’ve gone through BOTH of our current training courses and leave reviews, you’ll be eligible to win all four!


You’re good to go! All existing reviews for Master Handgun Accuracy left since our last similar contest concluded in March 2015 have been entered into the scholarship opportunity, as have all reviews for the Complete Concealed Carry Guide.

How Will I Know It’s Your Review?

Most Amazon usernames are the user’s real name, which makes it easy for me to contact you. If your username isn’t your real name, simply email me at and tell me which review is yours. Or, worse case scenario, I’ll comment on your review on Amazon if you’re selected, which will ping you with an update to your email inbox asking you to get in touch with me, and you’ll be notified via email when that happens.

Please help – you’ve got great odds:

Since you’ll probably be competing with only a hundred or two other individuals, you’ve actually got some pretty high odds of getting one of the scholarships.

And if you want to help me even more, please feel free to mark some of the more well-written reviews as being “helpful” using Amazon’s tool. (This would be a big help!)

Okay, I think that’s all you need to know. Thank you SO MUCH for considering helping me. You have no idea how much this will help me and the Concealed Carry University.

Stay safe, my friend.

– Patrick Kilchermann