Special Message from Patrick Kilchermann


That’s right – you heard correctly! As soon as the first batch of 5,000 copies of Master Handgun Accuracy rolls off the presses, one will be packed up and shipped to you 100% free of charge – no shipping, no taxes.

This isn’t exactly a gift – that’s because you already bought my much older handgun accuracy training program, “How to Achieve Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up”. This was a program that I developed long before I ever founded Concealed Carry University. While I am still very proud of the results that people derived from that older program, after enough time went on I no longer felt that the education provided or the production quality were up to Concealed Carry University standards.

And so, Master Handgun Accuracy was born.

It’s a three disc, six hour training course that will take you to the next level of handgun accuracy. Indeed, it will help you realize your true potential as a handgun marksman.

This program retails for $127, and I believe it is well worth that price. I also think you will agree with me by the time you finish the program! And remember: even if you went through the original handgun accuracy program completely, I would strongly encourage you to go back and go through Master Handgun Accuracy in it’s entirety – the education is much more thorough, and covers a far broader range of helpful topics associated with handgun accuracy.

THE ONLY FAVOR I WILL ASK OF YOU IN RETURN, is that after you go through this program, you will go to it’s Amazon page and leave a review. Your review will help me to put this program into the hands of asmany people as is possible.

Thank you so much for your continued trust and commitment to Concealed Carry University and responsibly armed America.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Take care, and God bless.



As I mentioned, Master Handgun Accuracy is a 3 disc, 3 part program designed to…

  • Educate you on, and demonstrate for you, how to tune your body perfectly to perform the perfect handgun shot.
  • Ingrain that ability into your muscle memory for INSTANT ACCURACY.
  • And then dive deep into all the tools and gear associated with handgun accuracy, learning how each component of our handguns and our bodies affects our ability to shoot accurately – as well as how to strengthen our bodies and modify our handguns to take our accuracy to an even greater level.

But let’s go a little bit deeper as I explain what’s included in each disc. This will help you decide whether or not Master Handgun Accuracy is the right investment for you.

The first disc is called “The 7 Foundations: The Lost Art of Handgun Accuracy.”

The truth is that there are thousands of incorrect and inaccurate ways to fire a handgun – but only one right way.

The right way is made up of seven various foundational body positions, from your feet all the way up to your head and out to your hands.

It may sound complicated, but I promise it’s not.

The entire purpose of disc one, The Lost Art, is to instill these 7 Foundations into your shooting platform and technique so that you can’t help but shoot accurately.

You’ll learn:

Proper footing and leg positioning.

Correct upper body positioning.

Rock-solid shoulder, elbow, and arm positions.

Correct one-hand and two-hand grip method.

Sight alignment and focus secrets of the pros – and I’m not exaggerating here. [These are some of the few secrets related to handgun accuracy.]

You’ll learn how we should be breathing while we shoot, and perhaps most importantly of all,

…You’ll master trigger control techniques for the three different handgun triggers that exist.

And disc one actually goes beyond teaching and demonstrating the 7 Foundations of handgun accuracy, because before we dive into those 7 Foundations,

We detail 3 crucial concepts that we must understand before handgun excellence is even possible. These are:

1 – The Stability and Consistency Concept: how these two goals are the sole objective of the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy – and how everything we do with our handguns and bodies will either add to or remove from stability and consistency.

2 – The 4 Foundational Marksmanship Beliefs that we must all share before we can hit our true accuracy potential.

And most important of all,

3 – We make the first ever attempt that I’m aware of to actually define what is and is not good shooting.

See, it makes no sense to pursue handgun accuracy without first having realistic expectations about what sort of handgun accuracy is even possible.

Most people do not have these realistic expectations – they either don’t realize what they’re capable of or –

…Thanks to a battalion of lying keyboard commandos –

…They’re expecting to accomplish sub-2-inch groups at 25 yards – and they’re frustrated when they can’t do that.

Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to define these realistic expectations by studying the human eye, human vision, and by doing trigonometric equations to discover the physical limitations and capabilities of ourselves and our equipment.

Using this data, we’ve established handgun accuracy goals for you for the ranges of 7, 12, and 20 yards.

I think you’ll find these expectations liberating and motivating at the same time as you work on the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy.

But remember – knowing how to shoot correctly is only the first step toward becoming excellent with your handgun.

The next step is developing INSTANT ACCURACY – life-saving accuracy – by ingraining everything you learned in disc one directly into your reflexive muscle memory.

And that is the purpose of disc two of Master Handgun Accuracy.

Disc two is called, “Ingraining Instant Accuracy: How to Ingrain the Perfect Handgun Shot into Your Muscle Memory for Life.”

And the premise of this second part of the program is that it’s one thing to logically understand the 7 Foundations of handgun accuracy and be able to – with five seconds preparation – get into the ideal shooting stance and slowly place accurate shots on target.

It’s quite another thing entirely to be able to achieve that same accuracy without any mental effort on your part, as fast as you can pull the trigger, 1.5 seconds after drawing your handgun in a groggy, sleepy state while being fired at by an attacker.

Well, if you stick with the training that we outline here in part two, within 30 to 90 days you WILL have that ability.

You will have that reflexive, INSTANT ACCURACY.

And what makes our method of obtaining INSTANT Accuracy so beneficial is that once this skill is ingrained into your muscle memory, it’s there almost permanently.

It’ll be especially permanent if you follow our “few times per year” maintenance routine.

The training on part two is not effortless. It will take a small time investment on your part.

But not only do I think you agree with me that developing this level of competency and proficiency is a responsibility all handgun owners share,

…But I promise I’ve done everything in my power to make part two as effortless and cost effective as possible.

Because the brutal truth is that it’ll take you about 3000 properly conducted handgun shot repetitions to develop instant muscle memory accuracy.

That sounds like a lot, but listen:

Herein lies the real beauty of this second part of the program.

See – rather than firing 3000 round of live ammunition at an approximate cost of $1200 –

…and rather than paying for the dozens of hours of range time to allow for that practice, which costs another few hundred dollars,

…Master Handgun Accuracy makes it easy to develop INSTANT ACCURACY without ever firing a single live round of ammunition, or even leaving your house.

This probably sounds too good to be true, but let me explain…

Part two leverages the revolutionary concept of Dry-Fire Practice.

This is the simple act of cycling your slide and pulling the trigger on an empty chamber.

Now, I always lose a couple people here, because many of us were raised to believe that dry-firing a gun was bad for it.

“You’ll bend the firing pin!” or “You’ll wear your gun out!”

But the scientific truth is that for any modern center-fire handgun chambered in .32 caliber, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, or 10mm – manufactured since the 1960s – dry-fire is completely safe and harmless to your gun.

In fact, it’s a lot LESS stressful to your gun than firing live ammunition – and most guns are rated for at least 100,000 rounds of live firing.

This means you could probably dry-fire your handgun hundreds of thousands of times before any wear and tear became evident.

And ALL of the most popular manufacturers agree – dry-fire is not bad for their guns.

But even if it was? Becoming a phenomenal marksman while saving upwards of $2,000 in the process would still be an EXCELLENT trade-off, right?

But the benefits of dry-fire practice go far above and beyond simply saving money and making handgun practice extremely convenient.

Because of the way our brain is wired, dry-fire actually works to condition away negative tendencies such as flinching or jerking your trigger.

Now we’ll talk about this more, but the bottom line is that dry-fire practice is so beneficial to your abilities as a handgun marksman,

…that we’d recommend dry-fire above live-fire practice even if you have all the ammo and time you could ever want.

So that’s how part two is going to give you INSTANT Accuracy without requiring you to spend a penny on ammunition.

Here’s how disc 2 unfolds:

The second disc begins by giving you some powerful motivation that will drive home the importance of – and give you the energy to – make the small time investment needed to stick with the training regimens contained on this disc.

Second, you’ll learn about the mechanics of dry fire practice and of muscle memory, and you’ll learn not just the four rules of gun safety –

…but the important three-step process for setting up a safe dry fire training environment.

You’ll also learn about a few inexpensive accessories that you can purchase to help ensure that your dry fire training experience is as safe as possible.

And then, we dive into the meat and potatoes of part two: our six unique dry fire training regimens.

These are the dry fire training programs that you will simply navigate to on your DVD menu, and follow along with.

You just do what I do – it’s as easy as that!

They are each only about eight minutes long which makes them very easy to work into your schedule.

On this disc we give plenty of recommendations as to what sort of schedule and frequency to follow, but you can really go through these training regimens at your leisure.

You can do them once per week, twice per week, five times per week, or twice a day every day – it’s completely up to you. You set the pace.

You decide how good you want to become with your handgun, and how fast you want to get there.

I’ve designed these six training regimens to be followed along with in a strategic order.

For example, you might spend your first week following along with session Alpha – the first slow-paced regimen.

And then the next week, you might step it up to session Bravo – which is the second regimen. You’ll work your way up gradually to session number five and ultimately to number six.

Each of these training regimen sessions contains a unique and powerful bit of handgun accuracy instruction and wisdom.

You will be coached on your form, reminded of the dangers of moving too fast throughout your training, encouraged, and motivated to stick with these training sessions for however long becomes necessary.

I promise you: you won’t get bored!

Now, once you’ve got a good start on part two regimens, it’s time to move onto disc 3 in the program.

Part 3 is called “Accelerated Accuracy: How Our Guns, Bodies, Practice Gear, and Even Disabilities Affect Our Handgun Accuracy.”

Disc 3 is where you will complete your handgun accuracy “Master’s Degree” by learning all about how the various components and characteristics of all the different handguns out there increase or decrease their potential for accuracy.

We’ll talk about what to look for in a handgun that will ensure you get one that’s as accurate as possible.

We’ll discuss handgun characteristics such as handle lengths, grip textures, magazine extensions, trigger pull lengths and weights, trigger staging strategies, barrel lengths, sight radius lengths, and sight designs and configurations.

By the time you finish, you’ll be able to look at a handgun, handle it for a moment, dry fire it two or three times, and know almost exactly how accurate that handgun will be for you.

Next, we’ll discuss handgun upgrades and modifications – the things we can change about our handguns that will affect their accuracy abilities – going into legalistic discussions on whether or not these are good ideas, or if they will increase either our liability, and the likelihood of paying dearly in court later on.

We’ll also discuss how the various components of our own bodies affect our handgun accuracy – and how to strengthen certain parts of our bodies to boost our ability to fire a handgun accurately and control our handgun during rapid firing.

Then, we get into injuries and disabilities – the way disability and age affects our abilities to shoot handguns accurately.

We talk about how and why we might need to adjust our expectations on what we consider to be good shooting –

…but also how to overcome disability and even leverage age and disability to our advantage to help us in our journeys as handgun marksmen.

The second half of the third part of the program is all about diagnostics. Learning how to troubleshoot bad groupings and bad accuracy, and learning how NOT to shoot a handgun.

We go through each of the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy and I demonstrate on camera the most common ways that people make mistakes in their shooting stances, platforms, and techniques.

This will be a dramatic help to you as you work to avoid committing these popular errors.

In addition to discussing these 25+ ways NOT to shoot a handgun, we talk about the advantages and limitations of the increasingly popular handgun accuracy diagnostic chart.

We talk about when this chart is useful, how to use it when it is useful, and of course when it falls short and should be avoided.

So: that is the 3 discs, the three parts of the Master Handgun Accuracy program in a nutshell.

I realize this sounds like a lot to bite off, but I promise I’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

This course is only six hours long – you will find my method of instruction to be very personal, warm, friendly, and entertaining. There is no ego here. No condescending machoism.

All I want is for you to become the handgun marksman that you have the potential of being.

I want to take this journey with you, and become your favorite range partner in the process.

Let me finish the description of Master Handgun Accuracy by saying that we print the course on materials mostly made here in the United States,

…printed and assembled in Indiana, and we package all three discs in an extremely high-quality, glossy box set.

I’ve done my best to design a beautiful package that will be safe and sound on your library shelf for decades as you and your friends and loved ones refer back to it to continue your journey to becoming a master handgun marksman.