September 30th – State of the Gun Economy

(beginning with the answers to 3 questions most people seemed to have).

IF YOU NEED HELP NAVIGATING THE PROCESSES, METHODS, and STRATEGIES OF BUYING A GUN OR AMMO ONLINE…. I can help you. I’ve done it a ton, and I’m considering creating a small how-to course walking you through what that entire process looks like.

HOWEVER: I’m only going to make this course *IF* enough people want me to. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE: Please go ‘vote with your dollars’ tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. Go here to read what the course would entail, and you can also use that page to place your order:

Concealed Carry University’s

‘How To: Buy Firearms, Ammunition, Magazines, and Accessories from Online Retailers (DIGITAL COURSE)’