Our goal is to turn you into a warrior capable of defending yourself and your family in 90%+ of violent situations that you stand to face as an armed citizen. Everything on this site must be taken into consideration along with the local laws in your area.

We have just released a 7 Disc DVD program called “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense” to people within the United States. This revolutionary training program contains over 20 hours of footage, helping the Armed American cultivate all three Pillars of Effective Self-Defense: Mindset, Training, and Gear.

Your privacy is our top priority, as should always be the case when concealed carry is involved. We don’t believe newspapers should have the right (or lack the compassion) to print the names of gun owners or permit-holders, and so we certainly will not be collecting, storing, or sharing any of your personal information. The only sort of tool we use is the standard ‘website traffic’ analyzers used by nearly all websites. These tool simply keep track of how many people have visited our site, how long they stayed, from what countries they visited, etc.