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The Forward Operator Broadcast is a free, 15 to 25 minute weekly message crafted for the Concealed Carry American, with the purpose of helping to keep their Warrior-Edge sharp. All topics related to armed Self-Defense are covered in a happy, balanced, personal manner.

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EPISODE #157: How to be a Well-Rounded Guardian

January 23, 2019

Being versatile and durable in adverse situations is the key to surviving and thriving when plans fall through and violence grips you. In this broadcast, Pat discusses the foundation of this “grit” and explains what how CCU is helping make the development of these qualities easier and more complete.

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EPISODE #156: “Knowing You’re Beaten” as a Weapon

January 16, 2019

Last week, we discussed the phases of human conflict and now we are going to connect that to the big picture view of self-defense and combat dynamics. In short, we discuss how truly effective self-defense is based on human behavior.

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EPISODE #155: Combat Dynamics and the Phases of Human Conflict

January 9, 2019

This week, Pat will begin a deep dive into combat dynamics and the phases of human conflict. This is a very important broadcast, because this is the heart and soul not only of Concealed Carry University, but also of how fights, battles, and life in general are won.

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EPISODE #154: Friendly Fire Part – Three of Three

December 13, 2018

This week, we finish up our third installment on the pivotal subject of friendly fire, and most importantly – we bring your ideas into the conversation. Thank you for sharing!

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EPISODE #153: Friendly Fire – Part Two of Three

December 6, 2018

This week, we continue our pivotal discussion on avoiding being attacked by another guardian, how we can identify them, and why we should think about taking measures to protect ourselves from this growing threat.

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EPISODE #152: Friendly Fire – Part One of Three

November 29, 2018

This week, we want to begin a conversation about the growing threat of friendly fire. There is a monumental concealed weapon presence in society now, and “fog of war” almost guarantees that mistakes are going to increase.

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EPISODE #151: Guardian Fitness in Action

November 19, 2018

This week, Pat will deliver his promised deep look into guardian fitness and where to begin, how to create and adhere to goals, and how to manage the process. This is a must for anyone who wants a quick refresher in fitness and how to think about it.

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EPISODE #150: A Crash Course in Guardian Fitness

November 16, 2018

This week, Pat continues on a subject that he started covering a few weeks ago – guardian fitness. Before we dive into specific recommendations and starting points, we spent another week here covering important concepts for being successful in the long term with any fitness strategy.

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EPISODE #149: What to Do In a Gunfight and Why to Do It

November 7, 2018

This broadcast is massively important. We will connect everything you know to a useful big picture perspective on combat and contest in general, and that is not a boast or over-emphasis. Here, we will discuss why tactics are so fascinating and perceived to be of such importance. This phenomenon is due to a very powerful snowball-effect that is very seldom discussed. This is a necessary message.

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EPISODE #148: Perfectionism – The Enemy of ‘Good Enough’

September 26, 2018

Perfectionism is often held up as an ideal, like working “100 hours a week” or working out for 6 hours a day. We hold the people that do these things up as shining examples of human excellence, and they are! But, there is a darker side to these things, and it is worth discussing.

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