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The Forward Operator Broadcast is a free, 15 to 25 minute weekly message crafted for the Concealed Carry American, with the purpose of helping to keep their Warrior-Edge sharp. All topics related to armed Self-Defense are covered in a happy, balanced, personal manner.

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EPISODE #130: Your Eon-Old Operating System May Need an Update

December 5, 2017

The rigors of our tool-saturated lives are betrayed by how easy it is to learn and use these systems from a position of comfort…but what about from a position of crippling stress? Are you banking on 80% success rates at the range to carry you through grisly violence? This is a mistake that virtually everyone who carries a weapon concealed makes, and it is a fatal mistake indeed.

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EPISODE #129: Pistol Generations – Meaningful or “Fluff?”

November 7, 2017

This week, Pat discusses a private citizen’s courageous response to the hideous Texas Church shooting, and gives some perspective on pistol generations and what real innovation looks like.

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EPISODE #128: Operational Planning and Execution (Part One of Two)

October 18, 2017

Strategy and tactics are often hindered by cold and dead definitions and understandings of them. This week, Pat will share an effective and timeless approach to these two topics and others that are integral parts of the same model, though they are little known or considered.

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EPISODE #127: Adrenaline: The Silent Killer (and How to Eliminate It!)

October 10, 2017

This week, we engage in a little CCU myth-busting. Specifically, Pat addresses some of the misconceptions and challenges regarding one of the body’s most powerful drugs – adrenaline.

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EPISODE #126: Puerto Rico – A Lesson in Prudent Preparedness

September 27, 2017

Like the subject of gunfighting, there is a general lunacy and imprudence surrounding the subject of preparedness, even to such an extent that the mere discipline of being able to sustain one’s family for a short time is considered a moderately good indicator of mental instability by the masses. In this broadcast, Pat will provide a bit of insight on the subject of prudent preparedness to lay some of this confusion to rest.

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EPISODE #125: Take the Path Less Traveled

September 20, 2017

We are always changing. What direction you are going is entirely in your hands! In this episode, Pat reminds us that habit is the tool that our lives are built with.

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EPISODE #124: Automatic Responses – The Effectiveness of Combat Immersion Technology

September 20, 2017

In this episode, Pat shares some wisdom about how we might go about evaluating ourselves, to determine where we are on a curve of effectiveness.

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EPISODE #123: Fountain of Youth – Vitality and the Hunger for Growth

September 5, 2017

Zeal in one’s quest for improvement is the tonic that keeps them young and sharp and effective in their pursuits. This broadcast is a reminder that there is no treading water in life, instead it is a choice between atrophy or growth.

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EPISODE #122: Preparedness – A Poor Substitute for READINESS

August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey is a staunch reminder that, like self-defense, having resources is not the same for having plans and skill in their use. This week, Pat offers a short life-saving message about a true survival mentality, based on a realistic look at large-scale tragedy patterns.

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EPISODE #121: Don’t Forget Your Gun

August 23, 2017

Life is a conglomerate of habits of compromise or perseverance. Every day you make hundreds of decisions that affect your overall effectiveness either positively or negatively. What will you choose today? What will you choose every day?

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