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EPISODE #4: Ferguson Fallout & an Argument Against Open Carry?

November 18, 2014

Along with some news and expectations about the Ferguson grand jury decision and its fallout, Pat puts forward an argument against open carry demonstrations while submitting the 4 Rules of Open Carry. Finally, Pat accepts a 7-day, 24/7 Open Carry Challenge.

NOTE: At some point in this broadcast, I use the term “assault rifle.” Regrettably, it seems that the media’s use of this redundant and unnecessary phrase has even forced its way into my vocabulary. To be clear: any object (or word) can be used to “assault” someone. My apologies for this mistake!

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EPISODE #3: The Concealed Handgun Acclimation Challenge and Concept

November 11, 2014

This broadcast contains several “Big Ideas”: Pat introduces the ‘Handgun Acclimation’ concept and discusses the way our skin, muscles, and nerves adjust to the discomfort of a concealed handgun (and how to ‘hack’ this process to work toward comfortably carrying a BIGGER handgun if you so desire). He then moves into the Defensive Carry vs. Offensive Carry Concept. Finally, he guides the Forward Operator through the soul-searching necessary to decide which sort of armed American they want to become: Defensive or Offensive.

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EPISODE #2: Concealed Carry Handgun Selection Made Simpler

November 4, 2014

In this broadcast, Pat discusses the importance of separating “guns as hobbies” and “guns as tools” in our minds, and then puts forward a 4-Question method of ensuring a GOOD CHOICE in a defensive handgun.

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EPISODE #1: Let Your Gun Therefore Be Your Constant Companion

October 28, 2014

We all know the institution of concealed carry has far-reaching benefits regarding the safety of our communities. But are you aware of the individual benefits in overall wellness that you’ll experience simply by carrying your gun regularly?

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