How To: Buy Firearms, Ammunition, Magazines, and Accessories from Online Retailers (DIGITAL COURSE)

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  • Learn How to Confidently Compare and Purchase Firearms, Ammunition, Magazines & Accessories from Online Retailers.
  • Complete Walk-Throughs of My Strategic Methods for Finding the Best Retailers, Values & Safest Transactions.
  • Avoid Costly Pitfalls & Mistakes that Keep Most People Away.
  • Learn WHAT to Prudently Stock Up on, WHEN to do it, HOW to do it, and WHY to do it.

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General Message for the Public: Please note that no “secrets” or “loopholes” are revealed or used here (because none exist) for putting weapons in the hands of criminals. This course simply educates the wise responsibly and legally armed American to effectively do what has been done by many for the past 20 years: patronize online retailers who sell firearms and ammunition in 100% accordance to the law.


Concealed Carry University Presents:
The How-To Course for Buying Firearms, Ammunition, Magazines, and Accessories from Online Retailers




Without trying to take business away from hard-working local gun store owners, sometimes I believe the more prudent thing to do is to put the preservation of your family, your hobby, and your rights ahead of the well-being of your local business owner. And even though I try to do business with my local gun store most of the time, the current political/economic condition of the firearm marketplace present – for me – the exception to that rule.

That’s because finding the right firearm or magazine or ammunition lot online can save you a ton of money and hassle. If you can knock $400 off the price of a quality rifle, or get twice as much ammunition for the same amount of money – I believe you should!

However, most people have never bought a rifle or shotgun or handgun or even ammunition from an internet seller, simply because they’ve never done it and don’t know how. They don’t want to make a costly or embarrassing mistake, or inconvenience themselves or anybody else.

Additionally, unless you are schooled and experienced in the ways of internet firearm and ammunition shopping, it’s also possible that you will buy at the wrong time and lose money – or buy from the wrong seller or merchant, getting old and/or poorly stored stock – or simply get nickel-and-dimed by hidden fees and exorbitant shipping costs, which eat up your entire cost advantage that you worked for in the first place. And even though the days of the classic “internet scammer” who simply takes your money and runs are nearly extinct, there’s still the possibility of that as well – so you really have to know what you’re doing.

And that’s exactly why I created this Internet Firearm, Magazine, Ammunition, and Accessory Buying Guide.


  • Every bit of moderate and advanced knowledge, strategy, and wisdom I’ve accumulated over the last 9 years of internet-based online firearms/ammo/mag shopping experience.
  • The basic how-to function and process for buying these things from online retailers. The basics, if you will.


  • Complete Walk-Throughs: You’ll watch my computer screen as I set a few goals (a case of pistol ammo, rifle ammo, a new GLOCK, an AR15, an M1A), and I’ll walk you through my entire process for finding the best price, ensuring it’s a 100% good and legit transaction, and placing the order.
  • What happens after the sale is made: Where to have your firearm or ammo shipped, what will happen next, and what you need to do.
  • Which retailers to use, and which to avoid.
  • What stuff to actually buy: Brands, Models, Categories
  • How to compare prices between retailers.
  • New or Used? When and Why to go used, and how to make that wise decision.
  • Private seller or business? When & Why.
  • What & How Much I recommend you have on hand, & why I recommend it.
  • What hidden costs and fees you must be mindful for at all times, which are unique to online shopping for firearms/ammo.
  • Other potentially hazardous pitfalls that folks new to online shopping often learn the hard way.
  • My strategies to save big on shipping costs.
  • How to compare ammo in a way that cuts through all the fog.
  • How to “shop” (decide) online, even when you don’t know exactly what you’re after.
  • Which strategies sellers are beginning to use to try to intentionally lead you to believe theirs is the best bargain (when it’s not true).
  • Gun Economic Principles: The patterns I’ve discovered for how prices rise and fall, and how the various merchants will react. When to buy local, when to look online, when to sit tight and when to ACT.




PREFACE: What We ARE Preparing For & What We’re NOT Preparing For. (hint: NOT some silly idea of future warfare; instead, a mature and responsible reaction to historical bans or shortages that diminish our abilities to do our jobs as Guardians.) (Written / Audio)
CHAPTER 1: Why “Hoard” or Stock Firearms, Magazines, and Ammunition? (Written / Audio)
CHAPTER 2: What gear is prudent for YOU to buy and keep, and how might your needs differ from someone else’s? (Written / Audio)
CHAPTER 3: How Much Should You Spend (relative to your income / usage)?


CHAPTER 4: Buying a Firearm Online (How it Works, Laws, Regulations, Process, Who, Where, When?)
CHAPTER 5: Buying Ammunition Online
CHAPTER 6: Buying Magazines Online
CHAPTER 7: Buying Spare Parts Online


Chapter 8: Pat’s Armory Recommendations: What All Guardians Should Have On Hand. (Rifle(s), Shotgun(s), Handgun(s), Magazine(s), Ammunition, Accessories).


      This course is “digital access only”, meaning you won’t be shipped or mailed anything. What you’re purchasing is the ability to log-in to a special, customer-access-only section of, where you’ll be able to read / listen to the written and audio portions of the course, and view the actual how-to videos.


      The videos will be “screen capture” recordings, which means you’ll be seeing exactly what I see on the video screen, and hearing my voice as I say explain what I’m doing and why. You probably won’t see my ugly mug at all – just my cursor, whose clicks and movements will be highlighted.


    You will have “lifelong access” to this material, and you’ll certainly be able to download ‘hard copies’ of all the material to your computer in case of a power outage or a desire to view offline (ie, on an airplane).


    This course is perfect for people who desire to leverage the savings-potential of internet-based retailers, but whose lack of experience with online firearm/ammo/accessory buying, whose limited time, and possibly limited tech-skills have – until now – kept them away from these digital market places.


      As always, I personally guarantee your satisfaction with this report. I’m collecting a fee for my time (and my family’s sacrifice) as part of the gentleman’s agreement that goes into any handshake deal, but I hope you know me well enough to know that ANY amount of money could never outweigh the value for my integrity, or the OPPORTUNITY to be a part of your Guardian path. Therefore, if you have the slightest feeling that this course was not a value to you, simply ask and I’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your investment, and our relationship will be stronger for it.


    VALUE: I define value as a multiplier of your investment. I’ve definitely saved thousands of dollars over the last 9 years by intelligently buying wisely, which is what I aim to teach within this course. Therefore, my goal is that over the next decade, you too will save thousands as a result of this knowledge. If you finish the course and don’t believe you will – this is the perfect time to exercise your refund rights. That said, there’s NO time limit on this guarantee. It is, as always, for the life of your ownership.

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